Bringing Your Book Ideas to the eBook Market


 You provide the seeds.

We help you create the fruit.

We provide you with an easy process to create your own eBook.

You keep 100% of the royalties received. We take nothing!

We have the experience and have published more than 60 fixed layout eBooks.

One of our formatted books has been published as a free book on the iPad.

Consistently rated as one of the top ten free children’s nonfiction eBooks.

Fixed eBook layout sun setting

Fixed layout eBooks have text and illustrations “locked” into place. The
results are visually stunning eBooks.


In free flowing eBooks, text and illustrations will vary in location based on device settings. This works well for simple formatted novels.

Let us help you format your creative work into a published eBook.

Share your eBook with others and earn royalties at the same time.

We will help you publish your fixed layout

book on both Amazon and iTunes.

Check out our bullets below that outline

our eBook services and learn more.

Create Beautifully Designed eBooks with Our Tools


Surprisingly Easy Process

You Write Your Book – You Create the Illustrations – You Design the eBook with Our Tools

We Format and Convert Your Design – You Publish and Keep 100% of the Royalties

Fixed layout examples

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We make the process easy – no computer programming is needed.

We specialize in formatting fixed layout eBooks – Kindle & iPad.

We help publishers & authors format their titles into eBooks.

 We help beginning authors publish their very first book.

We have robust options for complex eBook designs.

You keep 100% of the royalties – we take none.

Our work is guaranteed!


Self Publish Your eBook

Why Use Our Service?

We specialize in fixed layout eBooks and are located in the US

We’ve published over 60 fixed layout eBooks

We format your eBook for both Amazon and iTunes

You can create interactive books

Why Fixed Layout?

Your book will look like a real book

Fixed layout eBooks have text and illustrations locked in position on the page – this allows for beautifully designed books

Great for kids’ books, cookbooks, coffee table books and technical manuals

You control the design

Why Self Publish?

You keep the entire royalty – we take none

You have complete control of the design

Your eBook gets published on Amazon and iTunes

You don’t have to find a publisher

You don’t warehouse any printed books

Custom designed eBook

You write the text and provide illustrations

You design your eBook using simple sketches

You also have the option of designing your book using software programs

You send us the package of information

We code the book by hand using your design guides

We send you the ePub files for review

eBook gets published

Print book to eBook

You obtain reversion rights to your manuscript and layout of your printed book

You have your book professionally scanned

You send us a PDF of the scanned book

We code the book by hand using your book scan as a guide

We send you the ePub files for review

eBook gets published

Extra Services

We provide a reasonable price for our services

We guarantee you will be satisfied and your book will be published on Amazon and iTunes

We provide you bonus contact information that could help you get reviews & promote your book

We provide an author’s consulting service for additional help beyond our normal book support

We provide extra services to help you with preparing your photographs and illustrations

Our eBook Formatting and eBook Conversion Services

Create a New eBook

Fixed Layout

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Convert a Printed

Book to eBook

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Our Extra eBook


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We Guarantee You Will Be Satisfied With Your Book!

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