Create a New Fixed Layout eBook

You send us the text, illustrations and a sketch or PDF of the book layout and we code the book.

Here is an outline showing you how to create a new eBook.

What to send us

Most authors write their book first. You may also want elements such as a credits, title page, glossary, additional readings or index. We can code your index list so each word live links back to the actual page the word appears on.

Fixed layout eBooks usually have lots of illustrations. Illustrations could include photos, art, tables and maps. Many authors work with people they know or do their own illustrations. If you are using other people’s illustrations make sure you have permission to use their work. Please do not send us any illustrations or photographs in which you do not have specific permission to use.

We can format your book into ePub format from your own designs. We can work with designs produced from Design Software Programs. We can also format your book from rough sketches that you put together. We always start our own books using rough sketches. You can see how to we put a book together from sketches on Amazon and the iTunes Store.

If you would like us to help with the design, we can do that too.

When you are ready to begin, go to  our Get Started page. You will provide some preliminary information about your book.  We will then provide a quote for your book. Once you approve of the quote and pay the first installment, we will send you all the book formatting particulars you will need to complete a custom fixed layout book.


You can also include interactive functions, such as: sound, popup windows and slideshows. We have a selection of button styles for you to choose from to engage these interactive functions.

Send us your book

You send us the completed designs and other pertinent files. We now hand code your book using your design layouts and the other materials you sent us.

We send the book back for your review
You will receive directions on how to view the book on your Kindle and iPad devices. There is also free software that you can use to review the book on a computer. You will be asked to review the book carefully so we can correct any mistakes we made in putting the book together. We cannot make other changes in the book at this point. If you require additional changes we can provide a quote for that work.
You publish your book

It’s time to publish your book. You need to set up accounts with Amazon and Apple. We cannot do that for you since we would have to know your bank account information. We don’t want to know that information and we are sure you don’t want us to either. You will be able to receive royalties automatically and review sales reports.

We guarantee your eBook will publish if you upload the book to Amazon and Apple within 60 days. So publish the book as soon as you get it. Let us know if there are any issues with publication and we will fix the problem.

We Guarantee You Will Be Satisfied With Your Book!

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