Extra eBook Formatting Services

Author’s Consultation Service

We provide an author’s consultation service. If you need help beyond our normal formatting process, we can set up a time with you to help answer your questions. We’ve tried to provide a solid overview of the eBook process of creating fixed layout books, but we know there are things we can not cover. It is helpful if you send a list of your questions before the phone consultation. This helps us keep your consultation fees down and also to know how long of time to schedule with you. If you are located outside of the US, consultation services will be provided by email.

Photography and Illustration Services

We provide some extra basic photography services for a minimal fee to help with your preparation of your book. We have Photoshop experts that can help. These basic services include illustration resizing/cropping, brightness/contrast, color corrections and sharpening. Monitors can vary greatly and so can the results. When we work with your images we use color calibrated monitors. This allows us to get the most accurate results so your illustrations look great on electronic devices. More complex photo editing such as removing wires, photo repairs and dust removal will require a quote.



Here Are Some Examples Showing Illustration Corrections



Telephone Wire Removal

Flowering Crabapple Trees
Flowering Crabapple Trees

Brighten Dark Photo

Child looking at turtle and treefrog
Child looking at turtle and treefrog

Color Cast Correction

Due to monitor and device variations the above images may appear different from device to device.

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