Kindle and iPad Fixed Layout Features


How will my fixed layout book look on the Kindle and iPad devices?

Kindle and iPad devices have different dimensions. The Kindle Fire HD has a screen ratio of 16:10 while the iPad has a ratio of 4:3. These differences affect the layout of heavily illustrated eBooks. To keep costs down and still publish to both Amazon and iTunes, we adopted iPad’s 4:3 ratio adding a colored border to the Kindle. This option maximizes the use of the screen for both devices.

You can choose your Kindle’s book border color from a color palette.

Below are several screenshots showing the difference between an iPad and Kindle layout for the same spread.

Ipadscreenray490_8pxiPad screenshot of a book spread

kindlescreenshotgray496_noborderKindle screenshot of the same spread showing the borders

Text was moved slightly in the Kindle version for a more professional layout

Enlarging Small Text for Easy Reading

For the Kindle book version we can make your main text capable of enlarging to a larger view if the reader double taps the text area of the spread. This allow easy reading for very small fonts. The iPad screen can be enlarged with a quick swipe of your fingers.

Ipadscreenenlargegray490_8pxiPad screenshot showing a portion of the book spread enlarged

fixed layout ebook screenshotKindle screenshot showing a paragraph enlarged

Double tap regional magnification of text

iPad’s Interactive and Enhanced eBook Features

Check out our first fixed layout eBook published on the iTunes Store: My World: At My Pond – Dwight R. Kuhn

This eBook is a free book on the iTunes Store. Over the past months it often appears in the top ten most popular free nonfiction books for children. You can include some or all these interactive eBook features in your book too.  In this free eBook you can see many iPad interactive features “in action.”

iPad interactive features could include:

  • zooming in on photos and text with a finger swipe
  • iBooks word definition and search feature
  • popup new text and illustration windows
  • sound clips
  • slideshows (up to 10 images)
  • active index that takes you automatically back to the correct page
  • audio read along
  • read along word highlighting
  • word pronunciation

Kindle’s Interactive and Enhanced eBook Features

Kindle has limited support of interactive eBook features. These include a double tap text option to see a magnified view of that text and an index that is live-linked to a specific page in the book. Other interactive eBook features that are default options of the device include:

  • glossary (tap word for definition)
  • reader can highlight passages or words
  • search function (to wiki or the Internet)
  • double tap zoom in to see illustrations and photos in great detail
  • Amazon’s default text read along – reader can control the speed of the audio

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