Convert a Printed Book into a Fixed Layout eBook


How the Process Works

We can convert your printed book or high resolution PDF files into an eBook for both the Kindle and iPad devices. Some printed books have complex layouts so we need to see a PDF of the book to advise you if an eBook is a good option. We will be glad to review the book at no cost to you.

Before converting to an eBook you should make sure you have all the proper reversion rights for your printed book. Also make sure you have the rights to use the manuscript, illustrations, interior design, cover design and other elements that were in your printed book.

This option assumes all you have is a printed book and do not have access to the individual illustrations without the text.

  • You send us a low resolution PDF of the printed book.
  • We send you a quote for the work. You can accept or reject the quote.
  • After accepting our quote, you will send us a high resolution professional scan of your book.
  • We format your scans into an eBook.
  • We send you the eBook for review. We can correct any mistakes we made at no additional cost.
  • We provide you the final eBooks to upload to Amazon and iTunes.

Notes regarding this option: Amazon and Apple want their eBooks to have a text that works with their device’s software. So we remove the text from the PDF scan with our software for that purpose. We replace the text with text that will work with the device’s software. We try to use the same font size as the original text but we may have to replace the text with a different font that is supported by the devices. Only the main text gets removed and replaced from the PDF scans. This does not include illustrations, captions, tables, graphs, complicated spreads, sidebars, etc. These items remain as scanned elements. Overlapping features in the main text may force a new layout of the text.

This option assumes you have separate files for the individual illustrations. We use your original print book as guide to format your eBook. Your eBook will look very similar to the orginal print book.

  • You send a low resolution PDF of your book.
  • We send you a quote for the work. You can accept or reject the quote.
  • After accepting the quote, you send us the illustrations and text as separate files.
  • We begin formatting your eBook. We use your original printed books as a design guide.
  • You review the eBook. We can correct any mistakes we made at no additional cost.
  • We provide you the final eBook to upload to Amazon and iTunes.

You want to make sure you obtain a good quality scan for this conversion process. One way to scan a book properly is to physically take the book apart. This means you remove the pages from the binding and then scan those separated pages. There are good scanning companies that know how to remove the book from the binding and provide great quality scans. Many scanning services can also scan a book without taking it apart.



Scanning Repairs

Depending on how your printed book was put together, there could be small missing sections of the book where the gutter was for the printed book. Therefore, the left and right pages of you scans might not line up together perfectly. Sometimes there could be marks on your scanned pages because of damage from physically taking your book apart. Don’t worry about these problems, they are almost always correctable. We have experts in Photoshop that can seam the two sides back together – just like the original illustration. See our samples below. eBook Engineers has very reasonable prices for this service.

Book scan of a book spread
Printed book scan showing damage

Scan showing left page and right page before Photoshop repairs were made

Closeup of scan showing gutter damage

Closeup showing our digital repair of gutter damage

We Guarantee You Will Be Satisfied With Your Book!

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