Why Self Publish?

As an author you have several choices. You can find a publisher willing to publish your work. Or you can self publish your book.

Traditional Print Publisher

There are pros and cons to using a publisher to publish your work. First of all you have to go through the process of finding a publisher. Once you find a publisher, they take over most of the aspects of book production and sales.

You may receive twice a year royalty statements. Often you receive an advance on your book. The royalties that come from book sales pay back any advance you received before you make any income from your book. Many publishers do not look at books from unknown authors. It can be quite a long process finding a publisher and many authors never find a publisher for their book. A publishing deal with publishers can vary. We’ve seen some deals where the publisher gives the author 10% of the net proceeds of the book sales. This means you receive 10% after the expenses of the book are paid for (i.e. printing, design, distribution costs, etc). So on a $16.99 book, after expenses, you could receive 10% of $8.00 or so.

  • Pro: The publisher does most of the work for you. The publisher designs, proof reads, prints and distributes the book. You can sit back and wait for the royalties to come in.
  • Pro: You have no expenses in the publication of the printed book.
  • Con: You receive a royalty statement twice a year. If you publish your own eBook, you receive royalty checks once a month.
  • Con: You have little control over the book design. With eBooks you have complete control of the book design.
  • Con: The publisher can decide at any time to stop the sales of your book. With eBooks you decide if you want the book pulled from publication.
  • Con: You receive a smaller royalty cut with a publisher printed book versus an eBook. With an eBook, you receive a much higher royalty percentage.

Self Publish a Printed Book

You can self publish a printed book. This means you have more say in the design of the book and another company prints the books for you. You have the option to print books in large groups and then warehouse the books. Another option is to print on demand. This means you or your distributor/bookseller tell the printing company you need xx books and they print that number for you. Next month you may want another xx books. You do not have to warehouse the books. Print on demand is more expensive than ordering a larger number of books. The advantage of self-publishing is you have control of the book and keep 100% after the costs. The disadvantage for many print on demand companies is you have to distribute and market the books on your own. This can be a large and difficult undertaking. There are some companies that help you sell your book and print the books as needed. Your book price has to be fairly high in order to make a reasonable profit.

 * Self Publish an eBook *

Your third option to to self publish an eBook. In the case of fixed layout books, you upload your book to Amazon and iTunes and they distribute the book for you. You receive a monthly check from Amazon and Apple.

eBook Engineers is a professional group that formats eBooks and creates ePub files that can be used by digital viewing devices. We do not take any of your royalty to format the eBook – you keep 100% of what you receive from Amazon and Apple. See our free information and resources to help with your promotion of your eBook.

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