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About Us

We specialize in fixed layout eBook formatting and eBook conversion. We do not send the work to foreign companies and do all the work right here in the United States. Our eBook publishing group has a background in education, photography and digital programming. We have successfully published over 60 fixed layout books to the Amazon and iTunes stores.


 What We Do

Both Amazon and Apple make up the majority of eBook sales. We will convert your book for publication on both Amazon and Apple. We think you should be positioned on both stores. Barnes and Noble is another store that allows fixed layout books, but you have to be approved as a publishing group to do books with them. So individual authors don’t usually qualify for Barnes and Noble. The majority of other eBook Stores do not support fixed layouts.

If you want to create a new fixed layout eBook or want to convert an already print book into digital format – we can help you. We will help you every step of the way.

We have Photoshop experts. If you want your photos or other images resized for you, we can do that for a minimal fee. We also know how to make your photos and images look great in regards to brightness/contrast, color corrections, sharpening, etc. Let us know if you need any of these extra services.


Other eBook Conversion Companies

Many eBook conversion companies do a simple conversion with a PDF output. Kindle has reported many eBook formatting issues when uploading PDF files to their store. Apple has indicated they do not want PDF scans of books – we know authors who have had their published books removed because of this. We program the book to use “live” text, allowing the reading device to accept user interactions such as highlighting and defining words. PDF versions do not have “live” text.

Automatic PDF conversion tools or apps do a very poor job of converting to eBooks. Use them with caution unless you know what you are doing.

Many eBook conversion companies or eBook apps only format your book for one publishing group. Some make you agree if you use their tools you can only publish on a single designated store. Many companies take a cut of your royalties. We let you keep 100%.

Most eBook formatting companies do not offer the service of creating new fixed layout eBooks but some do convert previously published printed books into eBook versions. The quality of these conversions can vary significantly from company to company.

We Guarantee You Will Be Satisfied With Your Book!

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